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 Casper: The Human Mystery

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PostSubject: Casper: The Human Mystery   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:11 pm

Name: unknown
Nickname/Hero name/ Villain name: Casper
Race: human
Sexual Orientation: A Sexual [doesnt like either] yet
Hometown: Bludhaven

Eyes: none[ this is the only part of Casper that it allows to be seen. Its eyes are Grey, which makes it har to see due to the blending in of the smoke.
Hair: none/blonde
Body:solid smoke/atletic
Face: Smoke/pretty
Height: 5'8
Weight: Varies/150lbs

{Weapon(s)/Device(s)}: none

Casper's body is solid smoke while it moves it only circulate in move ments that lift clothes to make it look like a normal human. Caspers clothes is the only thing it is able to turn to smoke. It can waft away in the wind and in that form it cannot be harmed, when Casper is solid smoke form can he hurt but when flowing in the air or around people, projectiles, and or nets, bullets anything will pass right through it. but only when moving quickly, and or. "flying" Casper has super human speed and can move through solid objectsolid smoke form][but only in s. Casper also cannot be vacuumed because once wafting it's body thins out too much to be caught by suction.*casper can also change back into its human form which reveals its gender, but it prefers not to.*[most think of Casper as a boy...some as a girl. It doesnt talk so it will never be known.....not now at least.]
Knows: Numerous Martial Arts[not mastered] whichs makes Casper a difficult apponent, It cannot fight unless in solid smoke form, and can only wasp away when moving quickly, not while fighting.

[Note: Since Casper's body has been altered to the form on tobacco smoke, if deeply inhaled the same effects of first hand and second hand smoke is at risk. making Cancer a effecte if some one breaths too much of Casper in over a certain amount of time. Although this may not really hurt an opponent but a whiff of Caspers smoke burns and slightly takes away a persons breath. Depending on how deep of an unhale is taken from it.]

Powers was recieved by Casper going out alone and being antisocial. It walked into a scientific site where thet experimented wether or not solid matter can be turned into another non solid form. Casper bein extremely quiter and in just the right place somhow wasnt caught on the cameras. Casper nit knowing what was going on was smoking a cigarette and the smoke was taken up by the machine and it being the only solid figure was intertwined with the smoke creating what it is now. after the camers locked view the scientist ran up and tried to stop thier "successful" experiment but Casper just blew away with the wind. after the incident the experiment was shut down completely and to never be done again after see the effects it had on humans.[the experiment was classified and never to spoken of again. casper cannot age, and or die, but only live for ever and learn more and from what it sees, hears, and what it alloes itself to feel.]

Casper was born in an alley and was left alone.. being founf by a group of people...Casper hasntverbally said a word its whole life. Casper is a mute, and communicates through writing letters with the smoke coming from its hands or body. Although it may appear to be wierd and mentally challenged Casper is very intellgent. Casper is also A Sexual. Its is not physically attracted to either gender sexually, and or intimately. This may change, but no one knows Casper's gender and it rather keeps it a secret but no one knows when or if it will ever tell.......or show.

Casper was an abandonded child both parents being dead. Casper learned everyting it knows by a Sensei it lived with and trained with. The Sensei being the only one person to know Caspers true identity, died when Casper was only 15 leaving it only one belt away from black. Casper did not participate in school, it knows even more than the average human due to the Sensei being more than just wise but higly intellegent. After the sensei's Death Casper ventured out on its own both helping stop crime and causing crime. Casper has a good heart and lives to survive. Doomed to be this way for ever unable to age. Casper is a everliving, Mystery that may never be solved.


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Casper: The Human Mystery
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